Penguin Chaos

this is my Penguin Project. It is five penguins getting chased i the snow by a little kid and 10 dogs


I was able to edit the first picture into the second picture and save it successfully. I really enjoy how the picture looks like its getting stretched out.

What am I gonna change

what am I gonna? well first off lets get rid of these creepy children and add the juice product.
maybe make it more based on the product and not random things. the rainbow font is a bit confusing, for a legit website with a twitter, Facebook, and a page they don't really seem to know whats going on. It you want to have a business and be a success then you should probably start with knowing how to make a website.

government access

i don't believe that the government should have access to our phones because it is invading our freedom and our personal privacy. some people use their phones to get away from the world.

The White Pages

I couldn't find my name and i was surprised by that but I was able to find the rest of my family

Internet Turn Off

What do you think would happen if the internet was turned off  EVERYWHERE?😱

I believe that if the internet was turned off everywhere it would increase the crime numbers because if the internet turned off then that would mean all of our credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, the ATM, anything money related would be shut off and no one would be able to pay for things. Therefore most people would end up trying to stealing things from stores. Also the world usually depends on electronics so everyone would probably end up going crazy.